Motivational DNA Profile Tool

This diagnostic consists of twenty-one pairs of statements that will determine a person's primary motivational type. Choose the statement in each pair that best describes the person as he/she has been throughout most of the time you have known the person. Click the circle to the left of the statement you have selected. At times, you may feel that both statements are equally true about the person, but if you were forced to choose between the two, which statement more accurately reflects the person's past thoughts and behaviors? If you reflect carefully, you will find that one of the statements has been truer of the person than the other. It is best not to overanalyze your choices. More accurate results will be obtained if you answer spontaneously rather than over thinking your answers. Click submit when all twenty-one questions have a choice clicked.
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1. Matteo is a supportive, friendly person who seeks intimacy with others.
Matteo is an achievement-oriented person who seeks to excel.
2. Matteo tends to be spontaneous and adventurous.
Matteo tends to be methodical and cautious.
3. Matteo wants to be rewarded for excellent work.
Matteo needs to do work that is important to him.
4. Matteo can come across as being unsure of himself.
Matteo can come across as being too sure of himself.
5. Matteo likes it when his life is fast-paced, intense, and exciting.
Matteo likes it when his life is unhurried, stable, and peaceful.
6. Matteo prefers public recognition to private recognition.
Matteo prefers private recognition to public recognition.
7. Matteo is careful and tries to prepare for unforeseen problems.
Matteo is creative and prefers to improvise as problems come up.
8. Most of the time, Matteo enjoys taking the lead.
Most of the time, Matteo prefers letting someone else lead.
9. Matteo has pursued work that had considerable potential for financial success and personal recognition.
Matteo is willing to forgo financial reward and personal recognition if it means doing work that makes a significant positive difference.
10. Basically, Matteo is laid-back, open, and agreeable.
Basically, Matteo is hard-driving, assertive, and confident.
11. Acquiring the finer things of life is extremely important to Matteo.
Acquiring the finer things of life is not very important to Matteo .
12. Matteo has tended to be focused and disciplined.
Matteo has tended to be impulsive and daring.
13. Matteo makes things happen.
Matteo believes whatever will be will be.
14. Matteo doesn't like dealing with details.
Matteo enjoys managing details.
15. Leaving a legacy of contribution to mankind is important to Matteo.
Acquiring wealth and respect is important to me.
16. Matteo would rather fit in than stand out.
Matteo would rather stand out than fit in.
17. Matteo is interested in maintaining his stability and peace of mind.
Matteo is interested in challenging himself by doing new things.


When considering a new job, pay and perks are a primary issue for Matteo.
When considering a new job, the work itself is a primary issue for Matteo.
19. Matteo likes to challenge the status quo and shake things up.
Matteo likes to comfort people and calm them down.
20. What other think of Matteo is very important to him.
As long as Matteo is true to himself, what other think is not important to him.
21. Coming up with new ideas and getting people excited about them is one of Matteo's major strengths.
Implementing ideas and ensuring procedures are followed is one of Matteo's major strengths.

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